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Is Pittsburgh Coffee Sourcing Sustainable?

green coffee, roasting

This question is important to us. And we’ve heard from some of y’all that you find it important as well. In the world of warehouse-retail stores and big corp. coffee shops on every corner, how do we take care of each other in a shrinking global economy? Where does more morning habit start in the supply chain, who are they, and how are they treated? Further, what do “they” do to the bean before it goes through the grinder, and how was it farmed?

Join Sarah Walsh, owner of Caffe D’Amore, and Phil Johnson, head roaster and green buyer for Commonplace Coffee for an insight into all the steps your coffee takes from seed to cup. Get to know the sourcing models for The Commonplace Caffe D’Amore’s roasters and come prepared to ask questions! This will be a great opportunity to get answers to all your questions concerning the cost of coffee.

From 7-9pm on October 20th, the Tuesday of #PSCW15, our own Phil Johnson will sit down with Sarah Walsh from Caffe d’Amore to talk about green coffee sourcing. More importantly, it’s a conversation with you. Come, ask your thoughtful questions and your straight-forward curiosity questions, and contribute to our reflection of good coffee and care-full approach to a farm-cup-process. The event is free, and will be held in Sarah’s new space at 5400 Butler St. in Lawrenceville.

Bring your thinking caps!