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Isn’t National Coffee Day. . . every day?

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You may have seen that September 29th has been wrought into our calendar as National Coffee Day. (We’re not sure who decides these things, but… we’re game.) There are precious few days for us that aren’t coffee day, and we’re confident you would say the same for yourself. To that end, we’d like to recognize #NationalCoffeeDay today¬†beyond our borders, which doesn’t contain a single crop of coffee. No small irony: Not one person will participate in the US national coffee harvest this year. Our international brothers and sisters do so, and here’s a very small shout out to them!

Ben and Kristy Carlson have been working in Burundi, East Africa, brokering the relationship between coffee drinkers and coffee growers since early 2011. They’ve settled into their passion of connecting these two by providing the farmers a direct connection to selling their coffee cherries. Here’s a snippet of their story:

Our dream was that one day we could facilitate direct and meaningful relationships between coffee roasters and coffee growers by producing great coffee and telling the story of the farmers who grow it. If we could do that, then the local farming community would thrive and the world would gain the gift of great Burundi coffee.

This picture is of Especoise, a woman who is making a living for her and her kids with our morning cup. Kristy, a photographer by (her other) passion, took this shot. You can read Especoise’s story here, as well as some of the other farmers they work with. Thanks, Especoise, Ben, and Kristy, for the effort you bring to coffee and people.

[raises mug] *clink*

Happy (Inter)National Coffee Day!

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  • Juan Miguel says:

    I’m glad you’re sharing this. Most people just want the coffee and never think of the hard work and labor that has been exerted to produce and deliver coffee to places that don’t grow them. This goes out to the coffee planters, harvesters and laborers #NationalCoffeeDay