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klavon’s ice cream

By August 22, 2013The Coffee Blog

Several years ago, my oldest son and I were in Pittsburgh together and stumbled on a gem of the strip district – Klavon’s Ice Cream. I loved it – it reminded me of a place I used to go with my parents. I am sure you have heard by now that it has recently been re-opened again. The shop has most of the same décor – it is like walking back in time. The craftsmanship of the build out is so cool. What you may not have heard is that the new owners of Klavon’s have decided to add something to the shop – coffee. Drew and I placed a La Marzocco Linea and a single cup (no large batch – sitting around coffees here) brewer. The single cup brewer is a new styled Curtis brewer that enables the user to brew a coffee on demand – similarly to the beloved Clover brewer that is no longer available. The brew style is different but the concept of coffee by the cup is the same. We are happy to work with this group of people. The owners and operators are excited about quality – the ice cream that they chose is a top quality brand in our area, the fudge is high quality and they are taking the coffee prep just as seriously. I can’t wait to take my kids in to Pittsburgh to have a treat. @klavonsicecream or Facebook klavon’s ice cream parlor