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July, 2015, could be the month that changes your life, where you tell your kids “I remember that first time when I steamed milk”. . . [trailing off into thoughtful reminiscing]

On Sunday, July 26th from 2.30-4.30 pm, Frank will be offering a training for folks interested in learning the coffee bar skills to make espresso and espresso-based drinks. You’ll get hands on experience behind the art and science of brewing, steaming milk, avoiding fissures in the portafilter, the angle of the steam wand in the milk pitcher, how grind size affects extraction and speed. (Not to mention what a portafilter is.)

Cost is one Andrew Jackson; you can bring him to the training. Email Frank -our trainer at large- at commonplacemws@gmail.com to get a spot at the machine. The event will take place at our roastery, 147 Julius St. Be quick; it’s a small group that fills up fast!