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More cupping notes from this morning

By September 16, 2009The Coffee Blog

Kenya Jungle estate aa Reminiscent of darker fruits (ie raspberries etc) lightly covered in a fine, dark chocolate, sweet lemons, orange zest, mild earthiness

Brazil Mogiana Fazienda Cachoeira natural yellow bourbon (former COE) On aroma: peanut butter creaminess, lively acidity, delicate sweetness and earthiness, dark cocoa

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Gerbichu Lela Berries, flowers, citrus, full beautiful flavor and swept away/gone, faint cocoa, super smooth, silky acidity

Rwandan Nkurubuye washing station Sweetness (reminiscent of molasses), some faint berries (cherries), savory finish tones, delicate, balanced/centered acidity (beautiful)!!!!