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After our third year in The Daily Meal’s recognition as one of the best coffee shops nationwide, we got another shout out. The Culture Trip did a top 12 independent coffee shops in the US. How big is it this accolade? We’re not sure, but here’s what we do know: ” [we are] a one-stop digital platform for global culture and lifestyle. Think of what you would find in the art, culture, food and travel supplements of The New York Times – but for every country.” If it means anything, they have A LOT of staff worldwide. It’s international!! #wethinkitmeanssomething #dontburstourbubble

We remain grateful for all of you, who participate in this with us. (Somehow, folks are finding out about us; are you telling them?!?) We get to serve you coffee, talk about big life happenings, chat about what’s going on globally, and laugh about viral YouTube videos all in the same breath. We would be remiss to think that we do business in a vacuum, riding on the backs of y’all as we are recognized in these places.

Thank you, for bringing your cup to our counter. We’re grateful!


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  • Ed & Kathy Shank says:

    Hi folks,
    I’m a native Indianaian now living in northeast Ohio. Every time I get back home to Indiana I stop by for some of your fantastic coffee. Your baristas are friendly and knowledgeable and they serve the best darn coffee I’ve ever had! I took a half pound of Ethiopia beans home this week and I have to say it makes the best coffee we’ve ever had in both our Chemex and our Moccamaster drip coffee maker. Fantastic job folks. Your our favorite coffee house making our favorite coffees. See you next time we’re back to Indiana. We will be ordering more on a regular basis. Thank you.