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New coffee – Tanzanian Peaberry Burka Estate

By February 12, 2009The Coffee Blog

We will be bringing in a new coffee. It should arrive in the next day or two – then we have to roast and cup to find its perfect profile. This is a very interesting and sought after coffee. The peaberry refers mostly to how it is grown but also to its shape. This coffee is grown one bean per cherry instead of the usual two per cherry. The shape of coffee is rounded where the usual coffee bean is flat. The shape was a sought after quality for roasters because it would tumble more consistently in the roasting machine as opposed to the flat sided bean would tumble and sometimes just shuffle. The evolution of roaster (machine not person) technology has changed in such a way that this is not really a concern anymore. The shape of the paddles in the drum of the roaster has changed and the ability to control airflow has increased to such a degree that shape of the coffee plays little part in the ability to perform roast profiles for flavor.

The Tanzanian coffee is a relatively mild coffee that seems to be a coffee that has wide appeal. I am excited about bringing this coffee in as I have had several requests for this coffee through the years.

The Cupping notes from the importer are as follows:

Tanzanian Peaberry Northern Burka Estate – This newly arrived Tanzanian Peaberry really gets the ball rolling for this year’s crop. Good marks across the board from our graders – sweet, citrus notes at the start and a smooth, creamy caramel finish with hints of orange and milk chocolate throughout – make this arrival a great choice for you.