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Novena, don telmo, and la amistad

I have finalized the third espresso blend for our shop. We have decided to call it: Espresso Novena – if you haven’t been one of the lucky few to try it – come in and give it a shot. If you mention this blog – I will offer you a single on me. I have been working on this blend as a reaction to one of my favorite coffee shops in NYC that has a similar blend. It has no indonesian coffees in it — in contrast – our other two blends are so heavily reliant on indo.

Additionally, we received a new shipment of coffees and I am proud to announce two special offerings:

1)Colombian Mesa de Los Santos (Don Telmo) this is a strictly Bourbon coffee. That means that the coffee trees are Coffea Arabica Bourbon (our typical offerings are Coffea Arabica Typica) – we have been able to offer a few others from time to time. This is a very special bird (and other critter) friendly, shade grown, org. You can learn more about this coffee at their website: http://www.cafemesadelossantos.com/

This will be offered on the clover later in the day tomorrow.

2)Costa Rican La Amistad another exciting offering – this is a shade-grown, bird friendly, and org. coffee – you can learn more about this coffee by visiting: http://www.laamistad.com/ingles/ingles.html

I am eager to have some cupping notes from this coffee – I won’t be able to evaluate until tomorrow morning…