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Now Available: Commonplace Brew Guide Notebook

By October 9, 2015Coffee, The Coffee Blog
pittsburgh, coffee, brew guide, #rustbeltcoffee

We have taken up joyful residence at the intersection of coffee, where science and art cross paths. The science: the dosage of coffee in grams, how much time for the coffee to bloom (when making a pour over coffee, a small amount of water is added to the grounds to let the coffee out-gas before the rest of the water); tweaking the number of grams of liquid coffee for the final yield. The art: changing the science/numbers of the same coffee to get a different taste; how the temperature and texture of the milk affects its pour, design, and taste. . .  you see?!? WE LOVE IT. It’s like a fox hunt, and the joy is in the catch. Er. . . sip.

Ok, so I digress. My point: we have a new way to keep notes for the hunt! Now available online, and coming to stores Monday, Oct. 12th, we hope you find the space to record helpful. Moreso, our greatest desire is that our notes and brewing information prove suitable to improve the joy of brewing your coffee, and hence your life. (I know; that may be a bit magnanimous. But, coffee is IMPORTANT. You wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t. #gotcha)

Order it online here (and get more details), or stop at one of our shops next week to your copy. Happy Hunting! Er. . . Brewing!

pittsburgh, coffee, brew guide, #rustbeltcoffee pittsburgh, coffee, brew guide, #rustbeltcoffee