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Pittsburghs’ Specialty Coffee, Gettin’ Press!

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Industries often have a go-to publication that tends to drive conversation; or several, if the industry is large enough to sustain polyvocality. For instance, Car and Driver has been a long-time automobile magazine for car aficionados, as well as Road and Track. Coffee is similar. Social media has shaped that for coffee -as it has for other industries- making the Reddit Coffee page quite popular for those who dedicate time, energy, and resources to brewing coffee. For a more traditional structure, however, Sprudge arguably reigns “most influential”.

It is to that end we share our honor and pleasure to have been a part of a Sprudge story alongside four other specialty Pittsburgh coffee shops! Tazza d’Oro, Espresso a’Mano, Constellation, and 21st Street Coffee were recognized as part of the city’s Specialty Coffee offering. Here’s a blurb from the post:

Originally started in Indiana, Pennsylvania (the birthplace of Jimmy Stewart!) by TJ and Julie Fairchild, Commonplace Coffee Roasters had already opened a Pittsburgh cafe in 2010 in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood before it took over already-established coffee shop Voluto in 2012. Commonplace at Voluto, as it’s known, is bright and modern and heralds the (admittedly controversial) revival of the East End and Garfield neighborhoods.  The controversy over gentrification doesn’t seem to extend to Commonplace at Voluto, though—students typing on laptops, long-time neighborhood residents, and young homeowners who have recently bought the still low-priced houses in the vicinity all stop by for coffee.

Be sure to pop over and read the rest -including Voluto’s Drew and his 15 minutes!- about our specialty coffee friends.