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This week is like Christmas for us. Down in Pittsburgh, we’re celebrating third wave brewing with Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week. We get to hang out with a bunch of our friends in specialty coffee, geeking out about roasting, profiles, and new brewing innovations; share these joys with you across the bar; and overall enjoy the process of farm to cup in dialogue and action.

One of our joys in this weeks celebration of coffee is to offer you a special! If you like the Autumn Spice Latte at Squirrel Hill, then its your lucky day. WEEK. Lucky week. Get .50 off the liquid fall goodness during Coffee Week. And since we like to hang out with you, if you get your cappuccino or cortado “to stay”, you it’s only $2 at Voluto! C’mon, you know you  should be done with your cort in less than 3 minutes to enjoy it best anyway, and around 5-6 for the capp. You got 6 minutes, right?!?