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We were privileged to have Synesso invite us to be apart of their booth at the SCAA. It was a bit of investment for us but we were really excited about the opportunity. It was a great time to get away, brainstorm about commonplace, visit with coffee friends, and also to see some new machinery. There were three things that were on my radar for the boston visit.

Linea PB — We have been huge fans of La Marzocco forever. I remember the first Marzocco we brought into our stores – it was a 3 group Linea (I think it is actually on eBay right now). I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. It was shiny, big and so beautiful. The excitement was shared by customers and our staff. The linea has been such an example of quality among great shops. This next incarnation of linea is great – new styled (and engineered) volumetrics, easy to program PID, a bit curvier design. We will definitely have to find a place for this machine.

ModBar — We have been following Corey for awhile now. I remember the first time I saw the Jet Steam – his first iteration. We were just about to open the hospital coffee bar – I thought it was perfect for that execution. All the guts are below the counter and only the brew heads are exposed on the bar — talk about barista/customer interaction! It has only gotten better. My favorite part is the drip tray but the whole machine is really great.

Steam Punk — I was so disappointed when Clover was bought out by Starbucks and was excited to see who would come out with something comparable. Bunn tried with the trifecta, tried. We are not convinced. Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the trifecta. I like the price and the functionality is not that bad – however, major fail with the aesthetics. Well, the steam punk has done it – cool interface, great execution, and BEAUTIFUL – I would have bought one on the spot but it looks like I have to buy it through an La Colombe – what a great idea – work with a 2.25 wave coffee guy while trying to appeal to a 3rd wave (and beyond) audience.

Can’t wait until next year.