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Single Origin vs. Blending

By February 27, 2007The Coffee Blog

I read a great article recently that talked about how the wine industry has evolved. It showed how years ago the focus of a wine-maker was to get a consistent flavor from a blend of grapes. Thus, wine x would always have the same flavor of wine x because the blender would always use a blend of grapes that would arrive at the sought after flavor.

However, the shape of wine-making has now taken on the task of allowing a specific single grape’s flavor to shine through. And so with coffee too–we wouldn’t have heard too much about the flavor difference between Sumatra Mandheling and Sumatra Gayoland five years ago, but now we are seeing more and more attention given to single-origin coffees.

Gone are the days when one’s choice for coffee was only between the different blends that a roast master would put together–we can now enjoy countless single-origin coffees.

What is your favorite single-origin coffee? Or, what is your favorite this week? For me, I will be enjoying the new Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan SHB Maya Ixil – TASTY.