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Some new coffees to offer:

By September 15, 2009The Coffee Blog

Rwandan Nkurubuye

The Cup: Cherry, sweet, bright and balanced acidity, savory afternotes Washed

Kenya Rungeto Coop

THE CUP Complex, creamy, black currant, tomato, maple syrup, sparkling acidity, long clean aftertatste.

Costa Rican West Valley the cup: round, rich, and sweet

Altitude: 1650-1800m Farm: Helsar de Zarcero, Ricardo Perez Barrantes and Rodriguez Bros. Region: West Valley, Llano Bonito de Naranjo microregion

Mexican FTO Chiapas

ID# 1729

Milk chocolate, sweet.

Guatemalan Huehuetenango

The Cup: sweet, chocolate, coconut, berry, clean acidity

Ethiopian (FTO) Sidamo Natural (unwashed) The Cup: berries, Fruit, and sweet Farm: Gerbichu Lela Coop Altitude: 1750-1950 m

Tanzania Peaberry Songea ID# 1565

Floral, sweet, peaches, green apple, baking spices, citric, delicate body.

Brazil Mogiana

The cup:

Peanut butter, very sweet, clean fruit and berries, lively acidity.

The bean:

ID# 0819 Name Natural Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Cachoeira Origin: Brazil Region: Mogiana Farm: Fazenda Cachoeira Varietal: Yellow Bourbon Altitude: 1100-1250 meters Proc. Method: Natural

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This coffee is produced by the Carvalho Dias and Ottoni familes, who have repeatedly won the Cup of Excellence status in Brazil. For over 100 years and four generations these familes have treated the land, the people, and the bean right, and it certainly shows in the cup!

This natural coffee has a wonderful smooth and round body, sweet acidity, and a clean aftertaste.