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Some new offerings at The Commonplace Coffeehouse

By March 28, 2007The Coffee Blog

I forget (or maybe I just don’t know how yet) to communicate some of my excitement for what I do. For example, I was really excited to try our new Colombian Supremo. Supremo being the highest grade of a Colombian – that may be all the information that you need or want. But, did you know that the Colombian Supremo that you have been drinking is the Colombian Supremo Popayan (from the Popayan region) I would specifically describe this coffee as a hearty coffee with rich berry tones (dry and winy as a Colombian should be!!). The latest of our varietals is a Colombian Supremo that is from the Huila region (less sweet but with more depth or heartiness). Trying a new coffee is as close as I get to the feeling I had Christmas morning when I was 7 (well, there are a couple of other things that manage to conjure that feeling). Another one of our new offerings is from Costa Rica – we have become well acquainted with the Royal Tarrazu and the Fruta De Oro. One of our newest offerings is Costa Rican Deredia. I will sample roast this tomorrow and then begin roasting to be ready Thursday. I cannot wait to try this new coffee. I am continuing to enjoy the single origins…what is your favorite?