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Soren’s home

By August 31, 2008The Coffee Blog

A quick update. Soren has been released from the hospital. He will have to take a couple of medicines at home and recover from being in bed for 12 days – but apart from the that he is resuming a sense of normalcy. We are so grateful for all of your support and prayers during this difficult time. Several of you really helped Soren’s hospital experience with toys, cards, coloring books, etc – thanks so much. Some of the worst things he had to experience were followed up by a gift that made him forget what he had just gone through – that was very helpful for us too. I wish all of you could have experienced our homecoming. Seth was beside himself to see his big brother after almost two weeks. He and Soren shared a big embrace and a lot of laughter. We will be back around soon – all of us are exhausted and trying to catch up.