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Opening Pittsburgh Roastery with East End Brewing Co.

By October 30, 2012The Coffee Blog

I cannot tell you how excited I am about tomorrow. I had trouble sleeping Friday night because I spoke with Phil and Bradly about their preparations for Monday – well, tonight I know that I will not sleep. In fact, I have to be up at 4 or so to get things together and then drive in. No worries – I downloaded the new Mumford & Sons album for the drive in.

Almost 10 years ago (March will be 10 years) Julie and I opened a café with all the hopes and dreams of seeing a space develop into a community. Along with some other very hard working folks and some other very loyal customers we were able to see our dream manifest in a small, end of the hallway café.

The folks we had started meeting in Pittsburgh were becoming friends. We met the two nicest guys in the world working on the North Side at the Vault, we met this guy roasting coffee for La Prima, we met the hardest working guy in the world through a connection with the CCO, and we met the kindest woman again through our connection through the CCO. I had a weird feeling about all of these people – people that would one day make up the team that would help the commonplace turn from a small café at IUP – to a regional roaster, supplier, consultancy, and presence for helping other businesses be successful. These 5 people joined with some other great folks that work together wake up every morning with 3 things in mind – making amazing coffee, creating beautiful community and helping make other coffee shops successful through their work.

My stomach is in knots – the kind of excitement you feel the night before you buy a motorcycle, or a big test – OR the moment your wife goes into labor. We are, in many ways, birthing a new baby tomorrow. Phil and Brad will be in labor, the coffee will be born and we expect great things as the commonplace continues to be focused on helping you have a great coffee, be a part of a great community, and support your coffee business if you have one.