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#VegFest 2015!

By August 21, 2015The Coffee Blog
pittsburgh, vegan, vegfest, vegetarian

Well Pittsburgh, who’da thought that this steel town would’ve celebrated a meatless lifestyle? Our eastern European roots are steeped in tasty dishes, creatively using a variety of pork, beef and chicken to satisfy the palettes of the Steel City denizens.

However, there are a growing number of people who eat all “green” are growing! And, they wanna hang out together and share the goodness with each other, and introduce those with a traditional diet to the tasty diversity of vegan. (Hint: it’s not just salads. TRUST ME.)

We got an exclusive coffee invite to hang out at the inaugural VegFest event! We’ll be slinging our vegan brew alongside all kindsa local foods on Saturday, August 22nd, in the Allegheny East Part, Northside. (For instance, look for Jeanette of the Gluten Free Goat and Fresh From the Farm Juices!)  Stop by between 11-5 to learn what animal free goodness can taste like.