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We’re Grateful for You.

By November 26, 2015Community, The Coffee Blog

We are honored to offer our coffee to you; our craft of brewing, our craft of hunting, tasting, and roasting good coffee. It feels to us a small offering at times, an open hand of something we love and enjoy and want to share with you. We spend a great deal of time improving our craft, so that you can enjoy your morning cup with joy.

This is why we’re grateful. We know you love coffee, too. And you trust us to make you a good cup. We are grateful for that trust, knowing you can go lots of different places to get a good cup of coffee. In fact, we are grateful that you enjoy it so much you’ve made it possible for us to open yet another space in Pittsburgh, and require so much more coffee now than before, that we had to get a bigger roaster. These things aren’t possible without you, who support us not just with buying our coffee, but your feedback, taste tests, asking good questions, and connecting with us as people across the bar.

Thank you. From all of us here at Commonplace, we remain daily grateful for you. We hope that today, this day of remembering the things of life that we can be thankful for, that you find joy and rest with others in that reflection. Happy Thanksgiving!