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What does it mean to pick the best coffee.

By January 22, 2007The Coffee Blog

The other day I passed a gas station that said: Our Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee.


While it is true a gas station could sell coffee that comes 100% from Arabica coffee trees – this is a bit misleading.


Coffee that comes from Arabica trees (the only trees that produce coffee that is worth drinking) is graded after it is harvested. This grading process can show that coffee that could be called 100% Arabica could still be on the verge of undrinkability.


Coffee from Arabica trees are graded on a 1-5 scale. The Commonplace Coffeehouse & Roastery chooses only the finest grades of coffee (sometimes we are even able to get Estate coffee which is the finest grade obtained from a single farm instead of a cooperative of farms).


The moral of the gas station story is this: all coffee grown on Arabica trees are not the same. One could obtain a grossly inferior cup from coffee grown on an Arabica tree. Buyer Beware.