We're proud to welcome PAAR Survivor Blend! Proceeds benefit PAAR's mission of supporting victims of sexual violence and their families.

We’re excited to release Survivor Blend, our year-long donation coffee, in partnership with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR). Founded in 1972, PAAR was the first victim service agency in Allegheny County and one of the first rape crisis centers in the nation. Their mission is to provide comprehensive services to victims of sexual violence and their families, serving children and adults of all gender identities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

support • healing • empowerment

Commonplace Coffee Head Roaster Vikki Harris created this blend using the above descriptors, provided by PAAR, as inspiration. The blend features two coffees: 


Mapendo Next is a washed SL-34 lot produced by the Mapendo Cooperative in South Kivu, located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We selected this component for its bright acidity, tropical fruit notes, and clarity.


Carolina Posada is a washed Castillo lot from Colombia. We met producer Carolina Posada during her trip to hand-deliver green coffee samples to coffee roasters across the Northeast United States. We selected her coffee for its sweetness and darker fruit notes, which round out the acidity of of this blend.


Taste notes of strawberry, lemon, ginger ale, and dark chocolate in Survivor Blend.

Interview with PAAR

We sat down with Cory Hart, Director of Development & Marketing, to learn more about PAAR.

CP: PAAR has been serving the Pittsburgh community for more than 50 years, how has it evolved over that time?


CH: PAAR was one of the first rape crisis centers in the country, established in 1972. We were founded by a handful of dedicated volunteers and members who worked to provide a 24hr helpline, as well as medical and legal advocacy. Our first office was a small, shared room on Pitt’s campus in 1977. The need at that time was overwhelming. Unfortunately, the need continues today. The evolution of services over the past 50 years has been extensive, as PAAR has been able to increase client capacity, and we remain the only organization in Allegheny County solely devoted to the issue of sexual violence. We now offer extensive trauma-informed therapy services for adults and children of all backgrounds, dedicated support services for victims of sex trafficking through our Project RISE program, comprehensive case management services, a prevention and education program supporting schools/communities/businesses/nonprofits/families, wellness programs, and extensive group support. Of course, our core services of 24hr support and access to medical and legal advocacy remains a foundation of our work. This is all provided confidentially and at zero cost to clients.

CP: What are some goals that PAAR is currently working on?


CH: There are complexities in the support and care that each of our clients require. We serve individuals from all backgrounds – socioeconomic, racial, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, national origin – sexual violence affects everyone, and each of these individuals require a specific type of care to establish a supportive path to healing. We are expanding and working to more efficiently identify the best support needed for our clients and offer them broader services while they travel that path of healing. We are increasing our case management and supportive counseling services. We are expanding our reach through education and prevention in our communities, as prevention is the best way to fully recognize our mission of ending sexual violence. We are excited to share our new programs and initiatives as the year progresses!

CP: What are you most excited about as it pertains to PAAR Blend and our year-long partnership?


CH: I am most excited to be able to introduce PAAR to those who may not be familiar with who we are and the support we offer. Spreading awareness is critical for us to reach those who may need our services. It is also so important in connecting with those who want to support our work – through advocacy, volunteering, and donations. Our services are always provided at no cost to clients, which takes the support of so many. Personally, working with the good people at Commonplace and other supporters in the community has been incredibly rewarding.

CP: We have to ask – what’s your favorite coffee beverage?


CH: I often let my environment decide my coffee beverage – sipping a cortado in the cafe, a cold-brew to carry me through a busy morning, a V60 pour over to kick-off an enjoyable Sunday. But if I had to choose my go-to it would be the classic Americano, just black and simple.

Commonplace Coffee would like to extend a huge thank you to PAAR for their work in supporting Pittsburgh’s community. Help us support their cause by purchasing a bag of Survivor Blend!


available through June 2024

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