It’s a joy to see your smiling faces again, and we can’t wait for what is to come.

We made it to March. This month brings with it two very distinct anniversaries for Commonplace Coffee. We opened our flagship location at University Square in Indiana, Pennsylvania in March of 2003, which means we’re celebrating our 18th anniversary this year. In many ways, it feels like we’re still figuring out how to be an adult company, but I suppose that’s true of most 18-year-olds. March will also be the one-year anniversary of our decision to close shops on a temporary basis due to the nascent COVID-19 pandemic. Like many businesses, when we first closed, we assumed it would be for two weeks, and we’d get back to normal quickly. Had we known then what we know now, there are certainly things we would have done differently, but I’m proud of how we made it through. We’re indebted to our staff who stood on the front lines and quickly adapted as we made huge changes to our business model and grateful to all of our guests who supported us in 2020 and beyond.

Through it all, we maintained the same beverage pricing structure at our shops, a structure that has been in place for multiple years now. However, the pandemic created a number of increased operational costs, including PPE for our staff, increased use of to-go packaging, and increased processing fees as part of our pivot to contactless online ordering. Honoring all aspects of the coffee supply chain is also a central value at Commonplace. Through the leadership of our Roasting Operations Manager, Dave Smallhoover, we’ve continued to pay well above market and fair trade rates for our green coffee as we focus on building long term relationships and fixed-price contracts with coffee growers. With all of the above considerations in mind, we made the decision to increase beverage prices at our shops. Why tell you all of this instead of sneaking in an adjustment and only addressing it if asked? Because Commonplace is community, and you don’t build community without communication. On average, drink prices will increase approximately 10%. That amount will allow us to effectively run our business and support our staff, while putting the same Craft & Care into every product we deliver to our guests.


BUT this price adjustment does come with a silver lining.


Given the rise in demand for alternative milks, and our mission of creating Solid Ground For All, we have built alternative milk options into our new pricing. There will no longer be an extra fee or upcharge for alternative milks. We’ve proudly worked with Oatly since 2018, and in early 2020, they became our exclusive alternative milk option. Oat milk is by far the most sustainable milk option on the market, and Oatly has consistently demonstrated its commitment to sustainability. We feel strongly about sustainability, and while the increase in takeout orders has made that difficult during the pandemic, this is one step we can take to lower our carbon footprint. For our dairy drinkers out there, we’ll continue carry whole and skim milks, and there will no longer be an upcharge for breve beverages! Although increasing prices is never any easy decision, we are excited about what it means to offer inclusive pricing for alternative milks to our guests. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and for your support as we take this next step. Signed with Craft and Care, Robert Chaffin, Director of Operations at Commonplace Coffee.

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