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A little over a week ago we announced a new item hitting our shelves. A utility bottle! Similar to our white utility flask that continues to sell out, the utility bottle was bigger (18oz woo!), matte black, and printed with one of our stand-by sayings: Made with Craft and Care.

Except… it wasn’t.

On the side of every single bottle in our shipment, read “Made with Craft craft Care.”


Immediately, we panicked. What should we do? Would people think we were unprofessional? Would we have to eat this project with shame and hide it?

After taking some time to discuss it together, it seemed humorously obvious. We should just tell you all! We decided to let our humanity show even more, because we realized you are all our friends and family. So we posted about it on social media and said, “You know what, we’re human. We are a company run by humans, and we make mistakes.”

The reason for this post isn’t to retell all of this. It’s to thank each and every one of you.

The love and care that we received from that post was humbling. You all wanted the bottles because they felt Commonplace. Because all of you value that we are people making coffee for people. We even had friends contact us from far away places just to ask if we could send them one of these “mistakes.”

Well, these limited-edition collectors items are almost sold out! Soon, we’ll get an order of bottles without a typo, and we’ll continue on with our lives. But here at Commonplace – behind our bars, at the roaster, and while we make decisions day to day – we’re now asking ourselves: “This _____ is made with craft and care. But how can I go the extra step to make it with craft craft care.”

How can we continue to be human for you? That’s what’s driving us now.

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