Learn more about Three Mountains, our limited-duration collaborative coffee release, presented in partnership with Haiti H2O.


our first ever Haitian coffee release, in support of Haiti H2O

Commonplace Coffee is excited to announce our newest collaborative blend, Three Mountains. 25% of proceeds benefit Haiti H2O’s mission of fostering infrastructure, education, and financial independence in Haitian communities. Available at Commonplace Coffee locations and online NOW through July 26, 2022


Learn more about this collaboration in our interview with Pittsburgh-based Haiti H2O Executive Director Rhonda Smith.

Commonplace: Tell us about your work in Haiti. How will funds raised by this partnership will be put to use?


Rhonda Smith: Haiti H2O: Hope to Opportunity has been partnering with local leaders in rural Haiti for more than 15 years to help them fulfill hopes for their communities. Our approach is to take time to listen to local leaders and invest in their ideas, empowering them to make positive change. We currently work with four rural communities on a variety of projects: Rebuilding homes destroyed in the recent earthquake in Plain Matin and Meloniere, rebuilding the school in Meloniere that was destroyed in Hurricane Matthew, hosting mobile medical clinics in Bassin Caiman and Plain Matin, and building a bathroom facility for school children in St. Martin. We are also exploring a micro-business proposal for a bakery in Plain Matin as well as working with another non-profit to do farmer training. These are the projects and proposals that the funds raised will go toward. Security issues and political turmoil in Haiti at this time make progress difficult, but our staff and partners in Haiti are hard-working and resourceful and keep these projects moving forward despite the many challenges.


CP: What is the coffee industry and coffee culture like in Haiti?


RS: One of the best parts of waking up in Haiti is the delicious cup of coffee that you know will be available. Coffee is an asset of the island that provides both enjoyment and hospitality, even in the humblest home. The traditions around roasting and brewing are as rich and sweet as the coffee itself. A filter (or greg), similar to a sock on a hoop, is used. It’s common to boil the sugar in the water before pouring it through the filter. It’s also common to pour the coffee through the filter more than once.


CP: What does it mean to partner with Commonplace Coffee take part in our first ever release of a Haitian coffee?


RS: We are thrilled to be part of the first release of a Haitian coffee with Commonplace Coffee. Haiti used to be one of the world’s largest suppliers of coffee, but political instability and natural disasters over the past 50+ years have crippled that industry. We are glad that Commonplace is partnering with Haiti H2O to import coffee beans through Singing Rooster, a social enterprise working with small coffee farms in rural Haiti to help the farmers access U.S. markets.

Taste notes of chocolate liqueur, plum, and walnut in every cup of Haiti H2O.

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