We're proud to welcome Emerald View Park Blend! 25% of proceeds benefit the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy's mission of parks restoration.

We’re excited to release Emerald View Park Blend in partnership with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. 25% of proceeds benefit the PPC’s mission of restoring our parks to excellence.


This collaborative blend is the FINAL release celebrating the PPC’s five regional parks! Emerald View Park Blend is available for an eight week limited release, through November 15, 2022.

discover what a park tastes like:
scenic • steep • lofty • panoramic • adventurous

Head Roaster Vicky Harris created this blend to highlight our favorite flavors of fall, using the following three components:


El Aguacatal, El Salvador provides delicious chocolaty notes and serves as the base for this blend.


Bookkisa, Ethiopia adds a bright and clean fruitiness to the cup.


Ceiba, Guatemala adds malic acidity to the blend, reminiscent of a granny smith apple.

We sat down with Kathryn Hunninen, Senior Manager of Special Initiatives, and Robin Eng, Ecological Project Manager, to learn more about the PPC’s work at Emerald View Park.

Commonplace: What are the most iconic features of Emerald View Park?


Robin Eng: Probably a combination of the trail system and the incredible views!


Kathryn Hunninen: The Grandview Avenue overlooks and points of view statue feature incredible views. The park’s unique footprint allows for many access points to the trail system and other park amenities. The trail system that connects the park was expanded between 2011 and 2016 by building new paths and restoring 1930s era trails.

CP: What is the history of Emerald View Park?


KH: Emerald View Park was created out of a grassroots effort — led by residents and the Mount Washington Community Development Corporation — to protect green space and increase recreational opportunities by weaving together wooded greenways, historic park spaces, and the Grand View State Scenic Byway. The 257-acre park is located in the neighborhoods of Allentown, Duquesne Heights, and Mountain Washington. In 2005, City Council enacted legislation to create Emerald View Park, and it was named a regional park in 2007 by Mayor Ravenstahl.

CP: What is your favorite fall activity to do at Emerald View Park?


RE: The great trail system is my favorite part of the park. With a mixture of closed woodlands opening up to great views of the city and the West End, it’s a great local spot for some foliage peeping.

CP: What’s the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of Emerald View Park Blend?


RE: My vote would have to be Grandview Park, overlooking the city on a crisp morning.


KH: Mine would be either Grandview Park or at the Point of View statue!

CP: Are there any hidden gems at the park that visitors should check out?


RG: Greenleaf Trailhead is well positioned to start you on a good woodland hike, and it has a great display of native wildflowers and a restoration site right at the entrance!

CP: Are there any upcoming events and initiatives at Emerald View Park Blend?


RE: Two new City of Pittsburgh Art in the Parks exhibits will hopefully be installed this fall! 


KH: The park has a new master plan! Also, Olympia Park’s shelter house, built in 1913, is currently being restored by the city of Pittsburgh. Additionally, 64 new restoration trees and 1185 perennials were added to the park this spring. Another 172 perennials are coming this fall… possibly more!

Commonplace Coffee would like to extend a huge thank you to the PPC for their dedicated stewardship of Pittsburgh’s parks, which serve as a site of rest, creativity, and exploration for so many. We are proud to call the PPC team our neighbors and friends, and we are proud to to work alongside them to better our local community. Help us support their cause by purchasing a bag of Emerald View Park Blend!

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