We’ve grown. A lot. What started out as a coffee shop in a small town with a little roaster next to the counter has transformed into what it is today: six shops where you can get a cup of coffee and Commonplace Community, a bakery that sends delicious, intentional goodies to our locations, and a headquarters that has become home to a roasting and wholesale operation, machine service and training, and all of our operations. You may find our beans in shops, offices, and restaurants throughout the city and you may see a 1967 truck with our logo handing out goodies on the road.

We never imagined ANY of this when we set out to create a space in 2003, but we are so happy to be here today. Every stage of growth has been for the people involved: for staff to grow, for communities to have a space, and for friends to contribute to our vision. We never know what the future holds or if we will continue to grow, but our goal is to be sustainable and long-lasting for these people that love and depend on us.



You know that feeling when you’re half awake, reach into the cupboard, and find an empty bag of beans? Our goal is for that to never happen again. Introducing the Commonplace Coffee Subscription Service. You’ll enjoy receiving a package every two weeks filled with well-sourced, carefully-roasted coffee – delivered right to you.