Popayán Decaf • Colombia


TASTING NOTES: Milk Chocolate • Caramel • Dried Apricot
REGION: Popayán, Cauca
COUNTRY: Colombia
PRODUCER: 65 smallholders
ALTITUDE: 1500–2070 masl
VARIETIES: Colombia, Castillo, Caturra
PROCESSING: Ethyl Acetate
DRYING: Chamber dried


This coffee is decaffeinated using an organic compound known as ethyl acetate (EA), which is a natural byproduct of sugarcane refinery. EA preserves the inherent flavor of green coffee, while functioning as a solvent. The process begins when the coffee is placed in steam chambers to remove its silverskin, a thin layer of natural material covering the bean. The coffee is then submerged in spring water until it becomes saturated. Next, as the coffee has contact with EA over the course of 8 hours, the caffeine content is dissolved. After this, the coffee is dried in chambers until it returns to its moisture content before the decaffeination process.

This coffee was selected by our roasting team for its nuanced sweetness. It is sugar forward, with sweet chocolate and caramel notes. There is a subtle acidity and soft dried fruit notes. Additionally, we appreciate that this coffee has higher traceability than previous decaf offerings we have sourced. We are proud to share this 65-farmer lot with you!

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